Teams prepare their submissions for the Discovery Awards

21 Oct 2020

The deadline to submit applications for the first phase of the Global Surgical Training Challenge, the Discovery Awards, is on 11 November. With just a few days left, teams are invited to submit their ideas for changing the paradigm of surgical training and assessment in low resource settings.

Over the last few months, dozens of teams from around the world have participated in Solveathon Workshops, hosted and facilitated by MIT Solve. In these online events, individuals and teams joined together to share expertise. They learned how to refine their ideas for improving surgical training. They received mentorship from internationally recognized experts. Now they are in the final stretch toward submitting their applications for the Discovery Awards.

The Discovery Awards offer grants of up to US$200,000 to teams so they can develop their prototypes and further develop their training modules. Recipients will also receive non-financial support in the form of mentorship and tools to further develop their modules.

Apply for a Discover Award!

Watch the brief video below to learn more about the necessary steps of the application process. For more information on the Challenge please download our Innovator Handbook