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Mentoring Programme

Learn more about the mentoring programme we have established with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

Introducing our Discovery Award recipients

Meet the 10 organisations who have received a grant to develop their prototypes

The $5m Challenge, funded by the Intuitive Foundation, aims to make simulation-based training accessible through low-cost, open-source training modules. The downloadable modules will include a self-assessment function that allows surgical practitioners to test their new skills.

We took a moment to sit down (virtually) with Eric O’Flynn, Programme Director of Education, Training and Advocacy at RCSI, to have a chat about the Global Surgical Training Challenge Mentoring Programme.

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Our Vision

The most comprehensive surgical training programs can be expensive and resource-intensive. Many rely on access to cadavers, live animal training models and technology-driven simulation-based training. Without access to such training, resource-constrained settings often have less hands on experience before they are expected to operate on patients.

The Global Surgical Training Challenge addresses the need for lower cost simulation-based training by incentivising the creation of such models.


The Challenge aims to shift the way in which simulation-based training can be delivered. The Challenge will focus on self-assessment in a variety of environments. This will give surgical practitioners the ability to learn and develop new skills and test their own skills acquisition. So along with the development of new training models, competitors in the Challenge will be asked to create self-assessment frameworks that allow surgical practitioners the ability to test their own skills acquisition outside of a classroom.

Open Source Community Platform

The Challenge will create an online community platform with surgical training modules. These open-source, validated modules will contain all the know-how to create and build the surgical training models, perform the training and assess skills acquisition.